Friday, April 20, 2012

Myriad examples of the tolerant left.

Some of my favorite highlights: "Here, I'll give you a copy of the constitution." "That's okay, I know it in my heart." "Really? What's the first line." But she suddenly got really busy doing something else. Also, where the overweight, under-styled Lib starts arguing and stumbles upon a chant so awesome he can't stop saying it, "Unions aren't the problem... you're the problem... you're the problem.... YOU'RE THE PROBLEM YOU'RE THE PROBLEM YOU'RE THE PROBLEM."


Evil_Klown said...

This is how thoroughly brainwashed libs are.

"You're the problem." Meanwhile, who is trying to make rules for the rest of us? Answer: Idiot-Libs.

And if you don't want to be their slaves and follow their idiocy then "You're the problem" ... got that, Jasper?

And LOL @ " I don't know what our demands are" Just your typical brainwashed idiot-lib.

wamk said...

Don't forget the guy claiming to have 67,000 shares of AT & T. Last I checked, it wasa trading around $30 a share, making him a millionaire twice over. Not buying it, dude..

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