Monday, April 23, 2012

More on the Forbes article by Zwick.

You all remember it (from a mere few days ago). Zwick wrote about burning down the houses of those idiots who are anti-climate-change. In the article, he mentions a town in TN whose fire department allowed a house to burn to the ground because the home owners refused to pay a $75 fee.

Let’s take a page from those Tennessee firemen we heard about a few times last year – the ones who stood idly by as houses burned to the ground because their owners had refused to pay a measly $75 fee.
Notice that he links to a related article. Somehow and mysteriously, the link is sympathetic to those poor homeowners who opted out of paying for a valuable service but expect to have that service provided when they need it anyway.

This is not the house, the firemen, nor the fire in question.

I found a rarely mentioned and frankly, hard-to-find article which describes what I believe a more complete picture of the truth. Full article HERE.

The city of South Fulton, TN is getting a lot of media coverage this week because the city’s firefighters intentionally let someone’s house burn to the ground. Why did they do this? Because the homeowners in question did not pay a $75 fire protection fee. Sounds pretty absurd and ridiculous, right? Sounds like the sort of thing that might justifiably cause a good old-fashioned media and public opinion pile-on, right ?

Not so fast. The homeowners in question did not actually live in South Fulton (which you will note, if you consult Google maps, is not located near urban areas nor areas associated with great affluence). They actually lived outside the city limits of South Fulton – which has a fire department that I am sure does its dead level best to put out every single fire that occurs within the South Fulton city limits. Somewhere along the line, people who lived outside South Fulton came to depend on the South Fulton FD for services. My guess is that many of these people live in unincorporated areas (which is difficult to do, believe it or not, even in Northwest Tennessee). These people, of course, do not pay any city property taxes. At some point, the city of South Fulton decided that it could not afford to continue servicing the entire rural area for miles around, and instituted a policy. This policy said that those who lived outside the city limits would have to pay for fire service just like city residents do. City residents pay for it with their taxes – non-city residents would be required to pay a $75 fee. If non-city residents don’t want to pay the fee, no sweat. The City of South Fulton cannot make you pay it (like they can make you pay taxes). However, if your house catches fire and you want the South Fulton FD to say it, you had better hope that you have $2,200 cash handy, otherwise we will let your house burn to the ground. No seriously, we mean it.
That paints an entirely different, far more logical and truthful-seeming picture, doesn't it? No wonder the Lib infested blogosphere largely ignores it.

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Evil_Klown said...

"... because their owners had refused to pay a measly $75 fee."

Yes, I love how the libs call the city greedy here. Because the amount they would get is "measly." If it's so measly, why don't the owners pay it?

Why do libs think that people are entitled to other people's money?

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