Saturday, April 28, 2012

It just tears at the core of my being the idea of someone cashing in on a term like "organic".

"Is that USDA organic, or oregon organic, or portland organic..." "It's just all across the board organic."


Evil_Klown said...

Ha ha, a show making fun of idiot libs. I love it already.

Btw - I think she said "It just tears at my being ... 'trend' like organic." This is even funnier because it shows she knows it's a trend and she's serious about participating.

ragweed said...

very funny - please tell me the guy was wearing a wig (no doubt made from free range sheep)

WOMBAT said...

Free range, de-militarized, home-grown, grass-roots, across-the-board-organic, super-hyphenated, beat-to-death, over-used, over-done, over-wrought, terminologist-friendly sheep. You know- the good stuff.

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