Friday, April 13, 2012

fri pins


Evil_Klown said...

That seat looks comfy. Is it just me ... or are her shoes too big?

Onecos said...

is that a genuine Brooks saddle on the bicycle?

scot said...

Nice ass, but on another topic: The Marin/George Lucas hilarity. Klownman, you've got to post your take on the showdown between Marin Liberals and George Lucas who wanted to develop a new production complex in their midst. After years of liberal hoop jumping and environmental bending over, Lucas was asked for even more EPA concessions and shit before they would consider allowing him to bring more jobs and industrial magic into their utopia. Yesterday, he said, "Fuck it and fuck you. I give up. I'll build elsewhere." And the capper was he signed out assuring them he would be selling his land to a company specializing in low income housing development. Ha. You could hear liberal bowels exploding all the way up here in Mendocino. They hastily said they'd reconsider, but he said, "No. Fuck you." It's all in the local paper, Press Democrat; but there's got to be other articles as well. Funny as all hell.

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