Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shhhhh, SHHHHHH - Sweep this under the rug - it never happened - it's ok

MYFOXNY.COM - A chaotic scene unfolded outside Middle School 72 in Jamaica, Queens, on Wednesday night as several men who wanted to attend a tutorial workshop for the upcoming FDNY entrance exam were turned away.

These men said it was because they were white. The Workshop was being hosted by the Vulcan Society, a fraternal organization of black firefighters, which apparently only let in people who got a special e-mail.

Fox 5 spoke to a few people who were turned away. They didn't want to be identified, but they said it appeared that only African-American hopefuls were admitted to the event.

A federal judge has ruled the FDNY discriminated in hiring and ordered reforms. But these candidates said they are being unfairly punished. More here:

Yes, and that's the last you'll hear about that.  I guess Jesse Jackasson and Al Not-so-Sharpton are busy with other things.

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