Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Parents in charge of the school? Ohhhh no you don't (says the union)

ADELANTO, Calif. — The national battle over the best way to fix failing schools is ripping through this desert town like a sandstorm, tearing apart a community that is testing a radical new approach: the parent takeover. 

Parents here are trying to become the first in the country to use a trigger law, which allows a majority of families at a struggling school to force major changes, from firing the principal to closing the school and reopening it as an independent charter. All they need to do to wrest control is sign a petition.  More here:

Well, that's what the law says ... but some don't agree with the law.  Some think the parents are "not ready to handle the situation."  And by "some," I mean the teacher's unions.  They're MUCH smarter than the parents ... never mind their school is failing.
" ... Desert Trails Elementary, where last year two-thirds of the children failed the state reading exam, more than half were not proficient in math, and nearly 80 percent failed the science exam. The school has not met state standards for six years, and scores place it in the bottom 10 percent of schools statewide."
Hey, it's only been six years ... the teacher's union was just about to turn 'er around ... c'mon.

The part I like best?  The union does not want you to have a choice, period.  It does not care if you petition and get a majority of the parents on board ... no, you parents don't get to have a say in it, get it, jackasses?

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ragweed said...

way to much power, they should rename it Stalin Elementary

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