Sunday, March 11, 2012

Idiot libs prepare to pay money to look at rock

(Reuters) - It weighs 340 tons, stands 21 feet, 10 inches high and measures 32 feet across. Beyond its massive size, this granite boulder being delivered to Los Angeles is no ordinary rock. It is art, or will be soon.

Last week, the huge rock embarked on an 11-day journey from the California desert to its new home at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art where it will become the centerpiece of artist Michael Heizer's "Levitated Mass." He conceived of the artwork in 1968, but only discovered the right boulder six years ago while scouring a granite quarry.

It is expected to arrive in the early morning hours on Saturday and will take weeks to put in place before the installation opens to the public in late spring or early summer.

When "Levitating Mass" is completed, people will walk into a sort of trench in the ground underneath it, and the boulder will seem to rise in the air and hover above their heads. The museum hopes the work will become a major attraction for tourists and others at the museum. More here:

Ha ha, yeah ... when you need to make money by convincing idiots to look at a rock then, by all means, take it to Main Street, Libville California.  Hell, they'll pay and brag about it to their friends ... lmao. 

Idiot libs would be hysterical if they weren't allowed to vote to steal my money and freedom.  As it is, they need to be stopped.  If we weren't in hell you could take them to any court, tell the judge they paid to look at some rock a hippie dug up and they'd be declared insane and put in an asylum.


ragweed said...

So if I find a bigger one will a be famous?

wamk said...

I want to know what the carbon footprint of moving that piece of "art" into place was...

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