Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gloria Al-Red wants to steal your freedom, and makes no bones about it

In a letter dated March 8, Allred, writing on behalf of the Women’s Equal Rights Legal Defense and Education Fund, requested that Palm Beach County State Attorney Michael McAuliffe probe whether the conservative radio personality had violated Section 836.04 of the Florida Statutes by calling Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke the two derogatory words.

The statute stipulates that anyone who “speaks of and concerning any woman, married or unmarried, falsely and maliciously imputing to her a want of chastity” is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree. Allred explained that the statute recently came to her attention as having never been repealed, and that it could very well apply to Limbaugh’s remarks as his show is broadcast from West Palm Beach. More here:

Yes, Rush, how DARE you question the chastity of some slut who wants free birth control.

Oh wait ... not "free" ... just "free to her."  The rest of us pay for her.

Folks, the libs aren't kidding.  They want you to shut up.  They will do anything they possibly can to have you harassed and jailed if you don't go along with them and their viewpoint.  

They are dangerous criminals.  Do you understand YET?

So we have a high-profile sleazy-ass lawyer helping Sanda Fluke ... and who else might we have.  Well,  check out what Bill O'Reilly found out.

Anyway, we're having trouble tracking down just who is sending Sandra around to the media. It's very strange. So far, the 30-year-old activist has appeared on eight national news programs where she was not challenged at all. Last week, we called Sandra on her cell phone and invited her on "The Factor." She didn't call back, very unusual. There was no other public contact for the woman, just her cell phone. 
A man named Mike has booked her on a few programs, but we can't even get his last name. And Mike doesn't provide call-back numbers to those with whom he speaks. So Mike, who are you? And why the subterfuge? 
Now, late today we found out that Ms. Fluke is now being repped by the progressive PR agency SKDKnickerbocker where Anita Dunn, the former Obama communications director is the managing editor... a-ha. More here:
Oh, my ... who would have guessed.  But don't worry, the mainstream media will be letting everyone know as they harp on it every other minute for days and weeks.  Oh wait, Bush isn't president anymore ... never mind then.

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PR agency SKDKnickerbocker

I think PR agency STDslutbocker, would be much more appropriate handle.

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