Monday, March 5, 2012

Fun was being had ... quick ... grab an indignant-dude attitude

Two New Jersey school janitors are under investigation for allegedly using yellow caution tape to tie up four young boys in a bathroom.

Sources within the Long Branch, N.J. school system indicate the employees thought they were "horsing around" with the Gregory Elementary School students, who are all under 10 years old.

"Regardless of their intent, it was a stupid decision they made," said Long Branch Superintendent Michael Salvatore, who reported the incident to police and the Monmouth County Prosecutor.

The boys, from two different classrooms, went to use the restroom and found the workers there, according to Salvatore. Procedure calls for a facility to be put closed whenever work is being done inside, he added.

Salvatore said it was his understanding that yellow caution tape may have been used on the boys. He added that he was not told they appeared distressed. More here:

Well, I guess the lefties have successfully brainwashed everyone into accepting the "they crossed the line, this joke is not appropriate ... blah blah."  And yes, sometimes jokes go beyond the acceptable, it's just that that line seems to have been shortened by a factor of 100 ... and is shortening more and more every day.

Notice that you don't need to know the whole story before jumping to your own conclusion. Does it occur to you to think, I'd need to talk to the people involved before I make up my mind?  Or are you perfectly happy to run for cover when someone tells you the sky is falling .... for the millionth time.

Ever notice?  Nobody "jokes" anymore for fear of this kind of reprisal.  Just my opinion but I think life has lost a lot of its fun because nobody can tell the difference between "too far" and "ok."

Nobody thinks about it because we've all been brainwashed to jump to the conclusion that all joking between adults and non-related kids is somehow "creepy."   But they don't think beyond that.  So it never occurs to them to think "why is this not ok?"

The question is, what's down the line from this now "socially acceptable" line of thought?  Why do you suppose people don't joke anymore?  

Answer: Lawyers.

These school officials better act and act fast.  They better get ALL KINDS of indignant and start with the arms crossing, the harrumphing, flailing, firing, and suspending ... so that they don't get named in the lawsuit under the "knew or should have known" criteria.

Don't worry though ... these lawsuits don't cost you any money at all.  That's right, it's all free.

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