Monday, March 5, 2012

Failure to break record

A Sri Lankan man has died while trying to set a record for the longest time spent buried alive, police said Monday.

Police said Janaka Basnayake, 24, buried himself over the weekend with the help of family and friends in a trench sealed with wood and soil in the town of Kantale, about 137 miles (220 kilometers) north of Sri Lanka's capital, Colombo. A local newspaper reported that the trench was 10 feet (3 meters) deep.

Basnayake was buried at around 9:30 a.m. Saturday. Police said that when he was brought to the surface at 4 p.m., he was unconscious and was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. More here:

Yes, quite the mystery.  We all just have to accept it, life is strange ... sometimes unexplainable things happink.

In other news, "Man dies trying to set the record for surviving the most gunshot wounds."


WOMBAT said...

lmao@he had a bell attached to a string to prevent this from happening but his wife- who never approved of the idiotic stunt in the first place- taped the clapper to the lip to stop the infernal ringing noise.

ragweed said...


ragweed said...

Dr. D.G. Costa of the Kantale hospital said a post-mortem could not determine the cause of death and further medical investigations are being conducted.

It was unclear whether there is an official world record for the longest time buried alive.

Cause of death? Apparently he has set the record, however long he survived.

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