Saturday, March 3, 2012

Descrating of Qurans causes tight turbans and wadded pajamas

Five U.S. soldiers allegedly misinterpreted orders on disposing of Qurans they had confiscated from prisoners at a detention camp near Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, the Los Angeles Times is reporting, citing anonymous officials.

Several of the enlisted men, who have not been identified publicly, are expected to be disciplined as a result of the destruction of the Islamic holy book last month, two officials familiar with the findings of a military investigation told the Times.

The burning of Qurans, which U.S. officials have said was accidental, triggered a violent backlash. More than 30 people have died in rioting and six U.S. military personnel have been killed, prompting evacuations of Western military and civilian advisers and envoys. More here:

I see, so they've got their turbans all tightened up because the soldiers "desecrated" the Qurans.

So let me ask this ... is writing in the Qurans considered "desecrating?"  What about using the "holy book" for purposes like passing notes to your fellow prisoners?  You know, using your religion to hide nefarious activity ... is this "desecration?"

Because isn't this exactly what the prisoners were doing?  Yes, they were using them to pass notes to their fellow jihadis desecrating them.  I guess that's perfectly ok though, right?

These people get all indignant about being holy but they toss bombs and then run and hide in their mosques.  Hypocrite much?  I say screw them.  

However, I have to ask the person(s) in charge ... what are you doing hiring and paying your enemies?  The enemy shouldn't have been anywhere NEAR that place.

"But Klown, these weren't enemies, they were just local workers.  And we hire them to promote good relations between the US and Afghanistan"

Yes, working well isn't it? But just to show you there's no hard feelings, I'll keep calling them enemies.

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