Monday, March 12, 2012

About that American soldier who killed the civilians in Afghanistan

The U.S. has already pledged to conduct a joint investigation of the shootings with the Afghan authorities. The suspect, a U.S. Army staff sergeant from a Stryker brigade based in Fort Lewis, Wash., was talking to American investigators, officials said. But U.S. defense officials said they didn't yet have a motive. Staff sergeants typically command groups of six to eight soldiers. 

"It's beyond explanation, as sometimes these things are, whether they are school shootings in America or this kind of thing overseas," said one senior U.S. defense official. 

No, it's not "beyond explanation" ... it's just beyond our ability to comprehend his "reasons."  There's always an explanation though ... "We were being bullied" ... "They had demons in them" ... some crap like that.  I wonder if the media will ever let you know the reason.

A U.S. official said the sergeant is married and has two children, the Associated Press reported. He served three tours in Iraq and had been serving his first deployment in Afghanistan since December, the AP said. 

Three tours in Iraq and now one in Afghanistan?  Unreal.  

My thinking is, we've done our part.  They get to vote now ... leave them alone ... let them fight for their freedom.  If they aren't willing to fight for it then who are we to force it upon them ... and then stay as "police" to make sure they keep a government structure they may not even want.

Making our soldiers serve two tours is ridiculous, much less three and four.  Think about it ... a soldier has to leave his/her family for a year every other year?  For how long?  Bullshit.  This has to stop. If we're in a war then let's commence with killing people.  If we're not, then let our soldiers come home from that miserable craphole.  Let the Afghans hire a private company to train them and/or provide security. 

The incident already inserted itself into U.S. politics, with Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich telling "Fox News Sunday" that the U.S. should withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. "I think we're risking the lives of young men and women in a mission that frankly may not be doable," he said. More here:

Oops, there goes Gingrich again, spouting off with the insane comments.


Onecos said...

I'm interested in just how this soldier simply "wandered" off the base. Bases in Afghanistan are locked so tight that anyone going outside the wire will be known. There is no walking to the town for a beer.

Anonymous said...

American is acting like hitler, killing innocent Afghan civilians for sport. That is very wrong and very evil of the U.S soliders.

I thought the U.S is there in Afghan to support and help out the Afghan civilians, but is the other way around.

I remember in those day of slavery. The white don't like other race but their own kind, and is still going on today.

American is mostly a kind people, but there are groups of them that is called the White race only.

Evil_Klown said...

Uh, he didn't kill people for "sport," jackass ... nor is he racist or evil.

What? He's been in a war zone for 4 years, walking around with a rifle and he just NOW finds some people to kill? WTF is wrong with you and your reasoning? With logic like that you HAVE to be an idiot-lib.

As for racism, you're going to feel like a dumbass if we find out he's black. Oh wait, no you won't ... you're incapable of feeling humiliation.

I wasn't there but I'm going to have to call "he's insane." Yes, I know ... quite the mental leap ... just call me a racist daredevil.

WOMBAT said...

Of course anonymouse is a lib. It took him 5 words to compare the suspect to hitler [sic]. His first sentence lacked an article. He proclaimed the victims were innocent without knowing any details. He called shooting people "sport". He automatically leaps from a single gunman to "U.S. soldiers".

He then blames the entire U.S. for doing the opposite of supporting and helping out [sic] the Afghan civilians.

Then he goes on to invoke another favorite lib talking point "those day of slavery" [sic] and asserts that white [sic] are the only race capable of being racists.

By the last paragraph though, the pressure on his brain from the tumor can only leave me to guess what he meant. But yes, we've got ourselves a lib in our midst.

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