Monday, February 27, 2012

Short story (true)
Yesterday while having a cold beer at a local bar our current Pres. came on the tv. During the following conversation the guy next to me complained about our current economy and so on. I asked if he had voted for Obama and he said he did and I then asked if he would vote for him again. His answer was yes "he would have to". I ask why did he have to and his answer was he has always voted democrat (let me add here he was approx.72 y.o.a.) and he would continue. I ask why not vote for someone who could be better than the current politicians we have now.
Well no answer came and he turned to the guy on the other side and started taling about the upcoming daytona race. I could go on here but like his vote it would be a waste on time.


WOMBAT said...

Great story, bro.

Evil_Klown said...

I think people vote "Democrat" because they think they are voting for "democratic" people ... instead of communists or tyrants ... the ironing is delicious.

I have decided to start asking people who vote for Democrats the following question:
Do you think the Democrats are Democratic?

And follow up with:
Do you think the framers of the Constitution intended for this to be a democracy? Why or why not?

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