Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh NOOOO - the media might become biased!!!

Philadelphia’s two daily newspapers have long been accused of liberal bias, but critics say a group of potential buyers led by former Gov. Ed Rendell would turn the papers into mere mouthpieces of the Democratic Party in a 2012 swing state. 

Mr. Rendell, a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, is teaming with George Norcross, the Democratic Party boss of southern New Jersey, and others in an effort to purchase the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Daily News and the company’s website, 

There is reportedly at least one other bidder for the media company, the most influential in Pennsylvania, though that party has not publicly identified itself. 

“The prospect of Rendell’s group owning the newspapers is like the foxes watching the henhouse and all of the sacred cows,” said Paul Davies, former deputy editorial page editor at the Inquirer. “Essentially, the Inquirer will cease to exist as a legitimate newspaper. It will become the insiders’ house organ.” More here:

LMAO ... let's all panic ... it's the worst of all possible worlds ... a newspaper might become biased to the left.  And by biased I mean it will say that all lefties are geniuses and all conservatives are greedy racists ... you know, just like almost every news-like-paper (and news-like television show) in the country.

Oh whatever will we do? *wringing hands*


ragweed said...

Chirst that rag has been biased for 60 years that I can remember its not worth wiping your ass with

ragweed said...

Gov. my ass he was elected by the same worthless shitbags from Phila Pitts and the greater wilkesbarre area that recieves all the tax dollars from the rest of the hard working people of the great state of Pa. Its the same in every election most of the counties do not vote for the libs but the above areas carry the state since they are the worthless shitballs.

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