Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yes, please tell me what everything is "about"

Right ... nudge nudge ... know what I mean?  A nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat, heh?

"It's not about ____, it's about _____"

This stupid phrase has somehow worked ... nay, squirmed its way into the lexicon of every Birkenstock-wearing, whale-loving planet saver with back hair and I want it to stop.  I decided to make this video to illustrate how stupid it sounds.  I cut it off after they said the phrase because the substance isn't important, I just wanted to illustrate the phenomenon.

I thought "I shall make the video but it might take me a long time ... no matter, this is important."  And guess what, it turned out it WAS difficult to make because sometimes I had to listen to up to two minutes of video before a jackass uttered the phrase.

Now you people listen to me ... STOP USING THIS PHRASE ... YOU STOP IT RIGHT NOW.  How in the hell did this get started?  You can't turn on a news/talk program without hearing it in the first two minutes.  It's like a race to see which nincompoop can lecture first.

Where do these people get off lecturing every five minutes.  They can't do a single interview without letting everyone know what "it's about."  Screw you, shithooks.  I'LL be deciding what "it's about."  And another thing, stop answering your own questions as if you're lecturing in a high school classroom.

"Are we driving Klown apeshit with this "it's not about ____"  thing?  Yes, I think we are."

If you're talking to me and you hear yourself start to utter this phrase, and/or ask yourself a question ... stop yourself ... because I'm already not listening and instead am concentrating on how I'd like to hit you in the throat with a hammer.


WOMBAT said...

"Now you people listen to me ... STOP USING THIS PHRASE ... YOU STOP IT RIGHT NOW."

How about you stop telling us what to do?

Evil_Klown said...

Where's my hammer.

John Thomas said...

Here you go. I have one of these. They're great. One wack to the throat and bada-bing! They go down faster than Monica Lewinsky:

(goes to

Evil_Klown said...

LOL John - that looks like a very ugly pain-causing tool. Speaking of ugly, pain-causing tools ....

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