Friday, January 6, 2012

In case you were wondering about the history of the Iowa Caucuses

So I was wondering "how often does the winner of the Iowa caucuses go on to win the party nomination?"  If you wondered it too, here's your answer.  Short answer?  To me it looks like roughly half the time.

Past winners

Candidates in bold eventually won their party's nomination. Candidates also in italics subsequently won the general election.



Info from Wikipedia:

So it looks like our chances of getting Romney are about 50-50 ... about what I've expected all along.  And even though I don't like Romney very much, it's occurred to me recently that I don't like ANY of them all that much. 

I have about the same feeling I did last time with McCain and Huckabee and so forth.  I was soooo dejected until McCain picked Sarah Palin.  I guess at this point I'm going to root for Newt (rhymes) and prepare for the eventual kick in the balls.

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