Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An illustration of idiocy

Really?  "Trucks can't snowboard?" I'm glad they put that on the screen or I'd never have suspected.  I also may have tried to duplicate the downhill run with barrel roll if they hadn't included the caption of  "do not attempt" ... so, close call averted.

I guess Nissan really is in touch with their consumer base and concerned for their safety so they put these warnings on their commercials.  After all, the average American would never realize that these stunts might be dangerous and lead to death.  

Yes, yes, these captions are VERY useful.  I mean ... whatever did we do before the government/lawyers forced this crucial and sorely needed public service onto American businesses?  I'm sure the expense incurred by business is worth every dime in lives saved.  Just think of the American brain-drain that was going on before these warnings ... what with geniuses dying left and right.

I've recently come to the conclusion that whenever you find yourself (or a company) doing something extremely unproductive, unnecessarily expensive and stupid, a lawyer liberal jackass is behind it.

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