Sunday, December 11, 2011

The important things in life

Tu Holloway

So there was a basketball game ... oh yes, between "rivals" (Xavier vs Cincinnati.)   And, there was a "game-ending brawl" (as is so often the case with these geniuses from institutions of higher learning.)  But that isn't the important part ... the important part is the story WITHIN the story. Here's some excerpts from the article.

An ugly brawl erupted with 9.4 seconds left in the game. Benches cleared, fists flew.Xavier's senior

All-America guard Tu Holloway readily admitted afterward that he was taunting Cincinnati players and coaches in front of Cincinnati's bench, as the clock wound down.

"We're grown men over here,'' Holloway explained. "We got a whole bunch of gangsters in the locker room. Not thugs, but tough guys on the court.'' When asked why he taunted the Cincinnati bench and thus had a big hand in inciting the fracas, Holloway said he had been "disrespected.''

"This is my city,'' Holloway explained. "I'm cut from a different cloth. None of them guys on their team is like me. We got disrespected. Maybe it looked bad to you (media), but this is what I'm used to. This is where I'm from. This wasn't bad.''

Holloway is from Hempstead, on Long Island, but enjoys talking about his days playing summer-league ball in New York. 

Ok, three things ... 1 - "Rivals" .... 2 - "Where I'm from" ... 3 - "I was disrespected."

And let me say at the outset, I'm not hammering Tu Holloway here ... just the concepts I'm mentioning.  He just happened to bring them to my attention this time. I've noticed them myriad times before but never said anything.

First of all -- "Sports Rivals."
Please ... who cares.  Somehow people have convinced themselves that the only good sporting event is between "rivals."  Gotta love that mentality, don't you?  Every knucklehead with a keyboard team's public relations coordinator tries to invent new "rivalries" so they can attract more enthusiasm  make more money.  And I'm not really criticizing that ... I'm actually making fun of the dupe-niks who buy into it pointing out that it works.

So ... soon they will overdo themselves and make every single game a "rivalry."  Sort of like idiot libs who went from "save the historical landmark building" to "save the forest" to "save the oceans" to "save the planet" ... get my drift? And it's the same thing, they do it because they think it attracts attention ... and attention sells.  The big libs in charge make money while they work the lowly libs ... the lowly ones that want so desperately for people to think they're "smart." The lowly libs who will do anything (demonstrations, encampments, etc etc) for a glimmer of that recognition from their heroes.  But I digress.

Second -- "Where I'm from."
People are proud of where they're from ... that's right ... and this guy is from Long Island.  Yes, yes, I hear things like this all the time.  "Well, I'm from _____, and we don't do it that way" (with attitude) ... implying that "being from _____" somehow imbues them with ... ermmm "something."  Anyway, hey ... asshat, who cares where you're from?(Unless you have some really fantastic/obscure sandwich there ... in which case, please continue.)

Third -- "Disrespect"
The absolute worst thing in the entire world is to be "disrespected."  Did you know that?  No?  Well, you need to get up to date then because I'll bet peeps are taking advantage of your naivete and are disrespecting you left and right  ... and here you are ... totally unaffected because of your ignorance ... when all along you could have had yourself a nice healthy dose of "indignant" ... and perhaps even gotten all stabby about it.

Just remember, once you know you're supposed to be insulted, then you are aware that others know too ... and there's no way to recover without revenge ... REVENNNNNNNNGE!!!! The reason for this is your entire image is at risk ... and your image (what others think of you) is the most important thing on earth, right?

The thing is, the place(s) where this whole concept is most common is in prisons/gangs ... at least that's my perception.  Nobody with a half  a brain I know gives a damn whether someone is "disrespecting" him/her ... ESPECIALLY if the one doing all the disrespecting is an idiot.  'Course, that's just my experience, I could be wrong ... you know ... considering "where I'm from" and how people from that area are backwards, inept,  and constantly wrong about things.  Hey, you want some respect out of me?  Pay some of my bills, otherwise, pipe down, doofus.

And one last observation ... why are colleges letting idiots in? Is it worth it?  I mean, I could understand if they were doing their jobs and educating these people but they aren't.

Do you think their reputations (such as they are) are served by allowing these people in?  Do you think their reputations are already so shot it no longer matters ... because that's my thinking.  I mean, these people are being awarded college degrees. I see them everywhere in the media ... with heavy accents ... using words like "axe" for "ask" and so forth. I don't even bother to roll my eyes anymore.

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