Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lib jourrrrnalist (redundant) waxes indignant

Horror as woman is stabbed to death 'by her husband' in Walmart - and the store stays OPEN as officers investigate bloody crime scene

A South Carolina man has been charged with murder in the death of his wife, who was fatally stabbed inside a Greenville County Walmart this weekend. 

But as shoppers looked on in horror, store management roped off the area for homicide investigators and continued to operate as usual. 

Avery L Blandin, 46, is accused of killing Lilia Blandin, 38, who worked at the Woodforest Bank inside the discount retail store in Berea. 

Ok, this is a sad story with a couple of hysterical parts.  The first one being this "objective jourrrrrnalist" ensures that you are HORRIFIED that Walmart stayed open.

That's right, never mind a bloody murder has taken place, the true "crime" is Walmart staying open to take care of customers and employees.  Of course, for libs, duty number one is to hate Walmart with all your being.

I guess the idiot lib self-proclaimed genius jourrrrnalist thinks everything would be better if Walmart had closed.  Yes, that would fix everything.  That cracks me up about libs ... they simply MUST "do something" (in this case, close the store) even when their actions contribute nothing, and are, in fact, harmful to other people.  The libs pretend their violent flailings actions mean something but, in reality, they don't.

This moron jourrrrrnalist wanted them to close the store -- and he grabbed himself a whole pantload of indignance over the fact they didn't.  Libs are good about being indignant, aren't they? And it never takes them long either ... let's just say you don't want to drop a hat around them. 

I'm guessing his "reasoning" (such as it is, with libs)  would be "close the store out of respect ..." but libs never take into account how much that would cost ... because cost is never, and I mean NEVER, an issue with idiots libs.  What about the employees?  They're supposed to take a pay cut?  How does THAT help anyone? 

Also, what about the other customers?  If other people came to Walmart and found the store closed, does their inconvenience somehow set things right?  Idiot.

Ok, here's the second hysterical part.  This guy, Mr Tallent, sees the stabbing and he gets involved.

Shopper Phillip Tallent told local station WYFF4 he was looking for Christmas lights
with his family when the horrifying scene unfolded, and he intervened.

Mr Tallent said "When I looked, I could see a couple of stabbing motions, and I really started to run towards the front (of the store)."

He continued: 'I seen it when (the man) was making a stomping motion at (Lilia Blandin) across her chest and neck area. I picked up the chair and I hit him.'

Heh, he must watch rasslin' on TV.

Mr Tallent said a man deputies identified as Avery Blandin ran towards the door with several witnesses failing in attempts to stop him. 

He said the man fled the scene after pulling out a second knife. 

'That's when I let him go because I already seen what he did with the first one, so I wasn't going to get involved with the next one,' Mr Tallent said. 

Well then, so much for "None shall pass," eh, Mr Tallent? Just kidding ... please note I'm not denigrating Mr Tallent here.  I think he had great courage to intervene and it's probably a smart move to get out of the way when you're in a fight with a crazed murderer and he has a knife and you don't ... you know .. but that's just me, you judge for yourself.  The funny part is the guy's honesty.  I'm guessing Mr Tallent isn't a lib.

Ok, you can read the rest, see pics of the perpetrator and victim, view videos etc here.

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