Thursday, December 22, 2011

Idiot libs make great "referees"

A Dutch football match ended in farce after one of the teams walked off the pitch in protest at having their goalkeeper sent off - for fighting with a fan.

A drunk hooligan ran on to the field to attack AZ Alkmaar's No.1 during the first half of their Cup match with former European champions Ajax at the Amsterdam Arena last night.

But Costa Rican Esteban Alvarado showed all his agility as he launched a kung fu kick at the teenage thug, sending him crashing to the floor.

The Alkmaar keeper then landed a couple of kicks at the prostrate fan before security guards dragged the invader away. 

Referee Bas Nijhuis astonished the away side, however, by red-carding the goalkeeper. Alkmaar coach Gertjan Verbeek then ordered his side to walk off in protest. Nijhuis said: 'I understand that Esteban was defending himself, but he walked to him (the supporter) and kicked him multiple times. He could also have walked away.' More (with video) here

Yes, because you're supposed to walk away, let the soccer hooligan get up and attack you again. Don't you know ANYTHING? Sheesh.


ragweed said...

we are going down the shitter and we can thank the attorneys for most of this

Evil_Klown said...

Good point about the lawyers. I keep forgetting, if you ever find yourself doing something insane (at work or home) it's probably because some lawyer sued somebody for doing it the sane way before.

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