Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas "feel good" story

MELBOURNE, Fla. – A man involved in a home invasion in Melbourne, Fla., was inadvertently shot by one of his accomplices who was trying to shoot the resident, police told the Orlando Sentinel Sunday. 

Cops said 20-year-old Nathaniel James Clay broke in to a house in the 2800 block of Colbert Circle, about 70 miles southeast of Orlando, about 9:40pm Saturday, along with two other men. 

The resident living at the property got into a fight with Clay, Central Florida News reported, with the accused struck several times with a baseball bat.  

Oh, I hope he got him in the throat and nose with the bat ... please let his larynx be crushed ... oh, and the teeth, I hope he knocked his teeth completely out of his head.

Investigators said one of Clay's accomplices then tried to shoot the resident, but instead inadvertently shot Clay. 

D'oh, woopsie daisy - I guess guns don't exactly work like in the movies, eh? LMAO!!  Another story says he shot him several times in the lower extremities.  I sure hope he didn't shoot his penis off, don't you?

Clay was transported to Holmes Regional Medical Center in the wake of the incident, while detectives were Sunday still hunting for his accomplices, who fled the scene. 

Police said Clay would be arrested on a charge of home-invasion robbery when he is released from the hospital. More here: & here:

Hey, it's probably their first brush with the law, right?  They'll probably all learn their lesson from this most unfortunate incident.

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I bet he rats on his accomplice

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