Saturday, November 19, 2011

Some of the Liberal logic I've read on Twitter..

"The reason we have crime is because of white collar crime" 

"I do think the City itself and even Bloomberg ... brought Occupy Wall Street on themselves."  

Here's one of my favorite "hot topics"- Police pepper spraying students at UC Davis. Of course the video doesn't show the full story. However, it clearly shows students locking arms and blocking a sidewalk and a police officer clearly showing the crowd that he's holding pepper spray and that he intends to use it. We can see that the students blocking the thoroughfare are prepared for this by the fact that they're trying to tuck their faces into their $200 fleeces.

The truth-loving left has characterized this in several different ways and they wonder why they have no credibility among those who think for themselves:

Nice show of solidarity RT : Remarkably casual use of chemical weapons on humans in US 
"chemical weapons"? Sure technically it's true but a reasonable person would recognize quickly that it's "misleading".

Amazing. students chanting "you can go" before 2nd round of tear gas, and the cops leave. RT (Comically, this tweet included a link to a video on

And then back to the normal whining and grousing...
has been Demonizing since day one and it's done 24/7 just like they have done to Preside...
A plea to police across the nation; Please stop beating us, stop spraying us, stop hurting us. Take a breath and stop the violence.  (How about you stop violating the rights of others in the name of your first amendment rights and THEN the police will leave you alone?)
. once again proves her unbelievable badassery in the face of corporate stooges.
 "Unbelievable badassery [sic]" I guess that's what they call it when a Liberal expresses an intelligent, thoughtful opinion without swearing, shouting, chanting, or drums. If they're going to be lionizing people for being literate and eloquent, I'm going to join them just to get the recognition I so richly deserve. Now clearly, you should know on which side of the argument I'm on but I feel it's important to hear from the other side as long as it's presented in a reasonably clear and coherent fashion.

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