Friday, November 18, 2011

Poor little rich boy.

Isaac Wilder during happier times.

And so now, at the unmarked underpass entrance, Wilder’s looking for his backpack, and his Freedom Tower. And $5000 in cash. This is all the money he has.

Isaac Wilder recently.
 I'm sorry but $5,000 in cash lost? Either he's a rich kid, a drug dealer, or a fool (as if any two of the three are mutually exclusive). Why anybody would ever walk around with more cash than they could afford to lose is beyond me. Then again, there is much I don't understand of the workings of hippies and communists. Perhaps he didn't think his money would be safe in a bank. Perhaps he was protesting corporate greed by keeping "all the money he has had" in a backpack (if that's where it even was). Either way, he was wrong. Either way, he should just report the lost to _____ I'm sure they'll understand and reimburse him promptly even if he somehow and mysteriously cannot produce a receipt.

Full article HERE.

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