Monday, November 7, 2011

Self-righteous Prius Princess

Here's a perfect example of one of the biggest things wrong with Liberals. They feel like it's their civic duty to tell other people what they should be doing with their freedom while simultaneously doing as they please.

This overfed, under-preened hefta-lassie ignores the fact that if she doesn't like this guy's fumes, she's free to sit in her car with open windows elsewhere in the sparsely populated parking lot. She also is blissfully blind to the fact that driving a Prius doesn't demonstrate elevated enlightenment ("Prius outdoes Hummer in environmental damage").

As we would expect, none of these facts impede her from proudly and loudly declaring her opinion and superiority. By ignoring the warnings to watch her language in front of the children, she's only ensuring that they grow up to not be like her.


Evil_Klown said...

That's the whole thing about libs, they cannot leave other people alone, they find it absolutely impossible.

In the old days it was not as bad because you just punched the hippie in the nose. They don't like that.

Onecos said...

That's exactly why I put my F250 diesel in neutral and rev the engine every time a Prius is stopped next tome in traffic.

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