Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The poor, poor, idiot media

The modern media is losing its credibility with the people.  It's losing its viewership/readership etc.  The media is at a total loss to explain this.  And yet, here is what they do to get "ratings:"

Occupy Maine camp attacked with chemical bomb

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Occupy Maine protesters camped out in Portland's Lincoln Park were attacked early Sunday morning when someone lobbed a chemical bomb at them.  No one was seriously injured when the small, homemade bomb exploded near the camp's main meeting area around 4am.

Witnesses say they saw a small, silver sedan circle the park several times with the occupants yelling obscenities before the bomb exploded with a loud bang, followed by a thick cloud of smoke and foul smell.

"We had a car go by a couple times, honk at us, yell at us, tell us to go get jobs and call us evil names," said Stephanie Wilburn, describing what she and other members of the overnight guard detail in the camp saw and heard.  "It came back around, it slowed down and then sped up." 

Blah blah blah -- then, way down in the article, we find this:

The bomb caused little damage, and besides a sore throat and minor hearing loss to Wilburn and another member of the security team, caused no injuries. More here:

Right ... I wonder what they meant by "little damage," don't you?  My guess is a puddle which dried up later, or perhaps a scratch on the sidewalk.  "Little damage, sore throat, minor hearing loss ..." idiots.

Yes, "chemical bomb" ... very scary, eh?  Might I suggest what the headline should have been?  How about:

Freeloading hippies hit with stink bomb

That sounds more truthful to me but then again I'm not trying to transform anything into "news."

On the bright side, I just love it that the media flails and flails to keep its audience.  And the more people that ignore/disregard the media, the more and worse they flail.  Most people I know aren't just apathetic towards the media anymore, they actually hold them in contempt and view them as an adversary to liberty.

I mean, seriously -- chemical bomb?  Yes, we're all fooled.  We BELIEVE you, baaaa, bleat.

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John Thomas said...

I figured the Treason-Media(TM) was referring to something like this:


We used to do this all the time when we were teenagers in the 80s. It's hardly a "Bomb", but have no doubt, if you do it today, you're a "Terrorist" manufacturing a "Chemical Bomb". Since 9/11, people have gotten slapped with felony "Bomb Making" charges for this prank, involving a piece of aluminium foil, a little drano and a plastic bottle making a popping noise. We truly have become a nation of sissies.

I have little doubt that this was a self-inflicted "Crime" to gain sympathy for the filthy, treasonous, communist hippies. "Help! Help! We're being oppressed!".

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