Thursday, October 27, 2011

Communists at "Occupy ________"

Pic of "Occupy Richmond" - found it here:

RICHMOND, Va. (CBS Washington) – The Richmond Tea Party is accusing Mayor Dwight Jones of taking a soft stance against the “Occupy Richmond” protesters and is demanding that the group pay up.
After nearly three weeks of protests and overnight stays in Kanawha Plaza, the Richmond Tea Party is about to send Jones a bill for about $8,000 on the basis that “Occupy Richmond” has been using the area illegally and for free.

Richmond Tea Party spokeswoman Colleen Owens told CBS Washington that the protesters have been given special treatment and free reign of the park and have not had to comply with the strict liability and security provisions that the city required of a Tea Party Tax Day in 2009.

As the person in charge of the 2009 event, Owens said Richmond officials dictated the number of police and emergency personnel they were required to have on site and required a $1 million liability policy to protect the city. Owens said that when a Tea Party member decided to call the mayor’s office to see if the protesters had required any of the necessary permits for the park, the city said that “Occupy Richmond” didn’t have any requirements for them to protest and stay overnight in Kanawha Plaza.
“We’re forced to comply with the laws, but yet they don’t have to,” she said. “That’s such a blatantly unequal application of the laws.” More here:

Ha ha.  They don't even try to hide it anymore.  Hey, conservatives, you aren't "equal"  and we don't give a damn what you say ... the judges are on our side, assholes.

It's too bad that the "99%" are really about 20% ... otherwise this next election would look "rigged is" ... considering the almost lethal (figuratively, of course) ass whippin' these libs are going to suffer at the polls.

Hey libs ... get jobs ... get together and "do good" ... just leave other people alone.  But you can't leave other people alone, can you.  The answer is "no, you can't."  You know why?  Because you INSIST that you're so much smarter than everyone else and further, everyone else should have to live their lives according to your rules.  And tyrants like you are never short of rules, no.  And you're convinced that if everyone else just gave up a little bit more of their liberty and private property (money) we'd all live in Utopia. 

But if that were true, we'd all be there now, wouldn't we?  What's the matter?  We haven't squandered enough money yet?  Haven't written enough laws yet?  Haven't interfered in the economy enough yet?  When will it be enough, libs?  I know when ... never ... prepare your doom at the polls, buttcheeses.


jules said...

I came across an "Occupy Hendersonville, NC" last weekend, and apparently it's a movement that is dependant on their schedules and weather. Because it was only on a Saturday Afternoon and sunny, I've driven by the area almost every day since and have not seen them. I'll check this Saturday and see if they come back.

Anonymous said...

We meet every Saturday from 12-4 standing up for your rights as the 99% that you too are a part of. You're welcome! :)

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