Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The great Milton Friedman strikes again.

Milton Friedman on the myth of the Free Lunch.


Evil_Klown said...

Milton is an actual genius ... just like the wall street "protestor" geniuses ... only different.

WOMBAT said...

Right- he's exactly like the wall street "protester" geniuses except that he's a genius.

Evil_Klown said...

From dictionary.com
Related forms

pro·test·a·ble, adjective
pro·test·er, pro·tes·tor, noun
pro·test·ing·ly, adverb
pro·test·ive, adjective
half-pro·test·ed, adjective

From Oxforddictionaries.com


Pronunciation:/ˈprōˌtestər, prəˈtes-/
(also protestor)

But thanks for helpin'

WOMBAT said...

Uh... way to go, bloodhound. You focused on my different (and completely acceptable (and likely MORE acceptable)) spelling of "protester" rather than focusing on the point of what I said.

Evil_Klown said...

This flail-fest doesn't look good on you.

WOMBAT said...

Well, you're like a Lib. They're always chomping at the bit to call someone- ANYONE- a Nazi or a Racist. Your version of this mania is to blurt "but thanks for helpin'".

Meanwhile, back in the real world, I was actually making a point that had nothing at all to do with your creative version of spelling.

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