Friday, September 30, 2011


Stocks closed out the worst quarter in more than two years with a triple-digit dive in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. More here:

So, let me get this straight.  If you just keep on borrowing and printing money it will actually have an effect on our economy?

If you just keep on piling regulations and burdens on business it will actually have an effect on employment?

If you just keep on blocking drilling, transportation,and refining of oil, blocking coal and nuclear it will eventually cause our energy costs to go up?  And then American families will be FORCED to pay more and therefore have less for themselves?

By the way, it occurs to me ... if you tell the government they can't raise taxes then you better tell them they have to balance the budget ... cuz if you don't then they can just borrow to their heart's content, right?  And you just have to sit there and stfu.

But ... what is the difference in raising taxes and borrowing money willy nilly?  You're going to have to pay it back eventually, right?  So, you tell me -- how is government borrowing different from raising taxes?  ESPECIALLY when the government monetizes the debt ... i.e. prints the money out of thin air and then buys its own bonds.

I've got to tell you  folks, I think Obama and the Democratics are actually doing it on purpose.   Of course, they're helped by the idiot media and the dupe-niks.

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ragweed said...

so let me see we have to pay this back, your kidding

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