Thursday, September 22, 2011

Portrait of the "artist" as an old idiot

This dipshit (Alec Baldwin) went berzerk because Georgia killed a cop-murderer.  Oh, the justice ... the JUSTICE ... where is it?  Never mind justice, Alec is not interested in that.  He's interested in hating.  And while he's hating, he's yelling at "the haters."  You see, Wombat has recently pointed out that, in addition to being immune to the emotion of embarrassment/humiliation, idiot-libs are also incapable of sensing irony.

I know ... he doesn't mention "haters" above, but worry not, much more at Newbusters:

Speaking of irony ... howcum there were two disgusting jackass criminals put to death last night but this Einstein defends the cop killer?  What about the guy who dragged a man with a pickup truck and a chain?  Howcum no defense of him?  Cop killing racists ok but man-dragging racist not ok?  I tell ya, it's hell to only be of average intelligence and to be left wondering about the logic of this.

And finally, is it just me or does he look and sound a lot like Charlie Sheen?

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