Sunday, September 25, 2011

Burn the witches! Erm, I mean, smokers

Excerpts from here:

– Currently there are some 14 million jobless Americans. And if you’re one of the thousands of North Texans looking for work, the competition is tough.

Now, a new hiring limitation by one employer could make the job search even harder.

The Baylor Health Care System has decided that if you use tobacco, in any form, you won’t get a job with them.

Baylor officials claim smoking has a lot to do with the high cost of health care. The FDA estimates smoking costs American employers some $200 billion a year in lost productivity and increased medical costs.

“It’s about how we continue to deal with the rising health care costs,” said Baylor CEO Joel Allison. “It’s about how do we really focus on the new model of health care around prevention and well, and how do we keep people healthy. And I think that’s very, very important for us as a city, a state and a nation.”  Oh really, Joel?  I thought Obamacare was going to solve all our problems in this regard.  Oh, nevermind.  I don't care anyway.  I hate witches smokers just like you do.  GOD, I HATE THEM SOOOOO MUCH!!

Smoking was banned at all Baylor campuses four years ago. But, can they legally refuse to hire smokers?

“Absolutely they can,” said Dallas employment attorney Thomas Brandt. “People think well, that’s discriminatory, but really there are only certain factors that you cannot consider when making hiring decisions.”

Things like race, gender, ethnicity or national origin cannot be considered when hiring an employee.

If increased medical costs are a consideration for banning employee tobacco use, then ponder this: obesity is also a national health crisis. According to the CDC obesity costs employers some $147 billion a year.

Yes, yes, good point.  Let's go for the fatties next.   I hate disgusting fatties anyway, grrrrrr.  By the way,. "Joel," how old are you getting to be?  Don't old people impact our health care costs?  And by "impact" I mean "make exceedingly expensive."

I looked him up on Google.  Here's what the great genius looks like.  Ever notice anything about the great geniuses?  They're so benevolent, don't you think? Yes, always wanting to give you the benefit of their awesome brain power.  And if you don't want it?  Well, they'll just force it upon you ... for your own good, of course.

By the way, if you think "I" hate smokers, you should see this guy's blog.  That's where I found the pic of the girl at the top.  This guy make my hate look like a piker's hate ... a weak hate ... almost a tolerance.


root@localhost.localdomain said...

The anti-smoking crowed never ceases to amaze me. They've gained 3-10 bucks in taxes (depending on the State) on ever single pack of cigarettes sold, yet they've continued to piss away the money and claim it's to pay for smoker's health care. Not one single damn cent has ever been paid towards a smoker's health care, ever. It all goes to line the pockets of the lawyers, politicians and to fund their idiotic pet projects. These same useful idiots piss and moan for a Commie Health Care system and then turn around and bitch, piss and moan some more that since they're paying for it, they can pick and choose what everyone else can and can't do. Leave me the F* alone.

WOMBAT said...

I don't mind getting rid of smokers one way or another.

As for employers discriminating against smokers, I'm fine with that too. I used to smoke and the cold hard fact is that smokers waste a lot of time... smoking. Especially since it has become illegal to smoke in most offices.

Smokers love to argue, "it doesn't take that long to smoke"- Right. Unless you measure the actual time it takes to leave your office (:30), wait for the elevator (:30) (or maybe take the stairs), ride the elevator down to the 1st floor picking up other people on the way (1:30), leave the building (:15), walk to your "spot" (:10), light up, smoke (2:30), have a second smoke (because- might as well since I'm already here) (2:30), walk back to the elevator bank (:15), wait for the elevator (:20), ride back up to your office(:45), stop by the washroom (as if washing your hands removes the stench) (1:00), and walk back to your office(:30).

That might not seem like much (10:45 each trip) but most smokers smoke at least... at the very least... 5 cigarettes during the working day which accounts for damn near a FULL hour... EVERY DAY when they're not working but getting paid as much as those who don't smoke.

And I'm not even going to mention the extra sick days and lowered energy levels compared to non-smokers.

So yeah- if an employer doesn't want to hire smokers, tough darts. If they only want to hire the best people to work for them, great. Both those things alone make them more competitive than the ones who want to pick up every ne'er-do-well pariah they find on the street.

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