Monday, June 20, 2011

The Supreme Court has been busy crushing libs

Tsk, and the court strikes down yet another attempt by disgusting thieves community minded lawyers to steal and loot from America's largest companies through class action lawsuits.  It seems to me that every third commercial on TV is some lawyer or another encouraging you to sue some corporation or doctor.  Another third is lawyers telling you they can save you from the government/IRS (ha ha -- yeah.)

Aww, that's a shame ... poor old ACORN ... getting itself involved in voter fraud etc etc ... ohhhhh, so unfair, right jackasses?

Blocks "Climate Change" lawsuit (8-0 with Sotamayer recused)
Yes ... more "environmentalists" suing on my behalf (even though I don't want them to sue anyone.) I wish congress would repeal the "standing" these groups have to use my own money to sue me. I guess that's asking too much ... after all, a leech is a leech, what do you expect him to do? Stop sucking blood? I don't McThink so.

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