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Libs... they lobby to pass laws to get innocent people jailed (or at least sued) and then they lobby to get "innocent" people out of jail... they just LOVE conflict... LOVE IT... I'm reading this article- lord knows why- and it's just asinine...
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Some excerpts followed by my whinings...

We analyzed nearly two dozen cases in the United States and Canada in which people have been accused of killing children based on flawed or biased work by forensic pathologists, and then later cleared.

TWO DOZEN! WOWIE! What's that? Like 0.002% of ALL cases in the US and Canada? There's no mention of a timeframe here so who knows what the facts are but "nearly two dozen cases" sure sounds like a lot of cases!

An El Paso, Texas, jury acquitted a woman of killing her child in 2010, but after spending 22 months in the county jail, she still had to wage a legal battle to regain custody of her other children.

Wage a legal battle? That sure sounds dramatic. I suspect it was more likely "filed papers". All those legal loops through which you have to jump sure are a pain. Who'd think that all that government would ever come back to bite the people who created it all right in the ass?

"OK, my ... We're babysitting this little baby girl for Dr. Vas," said Lopez, according to a recording and transcript of the call. A spider, he explained, had bitten Isis a week earlier, "and she's been acting funny ever since."

She was bitten A WEEK AGO and has been acting funny ever since? She was described as 6 months old. How do you wait a WEEK after a spider bite AND strange behavior to see the pediatrician- especially when the parents are not only doctors but real doctors?

Lopez and his wife, DeAnn, regularly babysat Isis and her two older siblings, both toddlers. The children's mother, Veronica Vas, was a physician at a nearby hospital, and on that morning she was on her way to Detroit for the weekend.

Okay- the parents must be very busy people... very busy. They've had someone babysitting their children for a week and now the mother is leaving for the weekend to go to Detroit for unexplained reasons. That probably happens all the time in Bizarreville, Texas.

Lopez, a burly, gregarious man who worked as a mechanic, was looking after the children while DeAnn went shopping for a dress for the annual Lopez family Christmas photo, scheduled to be taken that afternoon. He had been watching the Vas children for 40 minutes when he called for an ambulance.

Hmmm- two people to babysit? Maybe it's just me, but when I hire a babysitter, I want them doing nothing other than watching my children and if one person can't handle that task, two people don't improve the situation. DeAnn went shopping for a dress? For the "annual" Lopez family Christmas photo? Scheduled to be taken that afternoon? That too probably happens all the time in that neck of the woods but if I were on the case, I'd sure be looking awfully closely at Ms. DeAnn Lopez.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lopez stated that the child had been bitten by a spider a week ago, had been acting funny ever since, and he waits until she's completely incoherent before calling an ambulance? After only 40 minutes with the children?

On the phone, Lopez described his efforts to revive Isis. "I tried to slap her on the bottom and slap her on the face and she won't wake up. She won't do nothing." Blood spilled from her mouth. "She was bit about 14 times. ... She's got all these bruises around her neck and on her face where she was bitten." After the ambulance arrived at his modest one-story home, Lopez rode with Isis to the emergency room.

"She was bit about 14 times" and not once she was taken to a doctor? How did she get bitten twice? Maybe it's just me, but a spider that bites anyone 14 times is either truly pissed off or dead as a result of biting someone FOURTEEN TIMES. I mean, who on earth was watching the baby when all of this was happening? Either the baby was sleeping (and hence not provoking the spider) or it was awake and screaming bloody murder because of being bitten FOURTEEN TIMES. With all those bruises around her neck and face, why wasn't she taken to a doctor?

Thankfully though, the ambulance arrived at his "modest" one-story home. He's one of the oppressed, modest people- surely he could not have done anything wrong.

The solution to all this? Easy! MORE FUNDING!

Though depicted as glamorous and high-tech on TV shows such as CSI, the field of death investigation is plagued by chronic underfunding, a shortage of specialists, and a lack of national standards, according to a 2009 report by the National Academy of Sciences.

The other solution? More education/certifications!

Many of the nation's morgues are staffed by doctors who aren't board-certified in forensic pathology. To become certified, doctors need an extra year of training and must pass a day-long test. Earlier this year, an investigation by NPR, ProPublica and PBS Frontline showed that more than 100 physicians without board certification were working at the country's busiest coroner and medical examiner offices.

More than 100. Geewhiz. What's that as a percentage? I don't know- they didn't say.

Even for the best educated and trained doctors, performing an autopsy on a baby or young child poses particular technical challenges. Their developing bodies function differently. It's why doctors who treat living children — pediatricians — receive different training than those who deal with adults.

Well, this is simply unnecessary sensationalism (as if there's any other kind). What they should have said was "Performing an autopsy on a baby..." and left out the "Even for the best educated..." Of course if they did that, you wouldn't be able to get it that "we're in serious trouble, something needs to be done, and we're going to need to spend a lot of money to fix it- but  we don't have any of our own... so..."

"Adults are generally tougher and harder to kill then a small child. Particularly an infant," said Jon Thogmartin, chief medical examiner for Pasco and Pinellas counties in Florida, a jurisdiction that includes St. Petersburg. "So, you're looking for very subtle signs of trauma or pressure, or small amounts of bleeding that could potentially cause a kid severe illness or death."

"then"? Really? I'm not sure who's ultimately responsible for this but let's go ahead and blame the authors (there were four... FOUR) or at least the proofreader and maybe the Editor. But what's the difference? you know what they meant.

Feel free to read more of the article and form your own opinion.

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