Tuesday, November 2, 2010


San Francisco Giants win the World Series.
Never thought I'd see it.

ARLINGTON - On a night when two of the best pitchers in baseball engaged in a classic World Series duel, an aging shortstop found a way to steal the show.  Aging shortstop?  Have you seen a pic of this guy (Edgar Renteria?)  I was watching the game last night and the announcers were allowing how this guy was a factor in a 1997 World Series and I was looking at his face thinking, GEEZ, that guy looks young ... how old was he in 1997?  He was born in August 1975 making him  35 years old.  Here's a pic of him in Sept 2010.

Edgar Renteria's three-run home run against Cliff Lee lifted Tim Lincecum and the Giants to a 3-1 win over the Rangers, giving San Francisco its first World Series champion.

"Everybody was going up there and trying to be that guy," Cody Ross said. "It ended up being Edgar, which was perfect."  Meanwhile, Cody Ross was one of the big heroes of this series/season.  How humble is that?  What a great guy.

The title is the Giants' first since 1954, when Willie Mays was roaming center field at the Polo Grounds. Now, San Francisco sits atop the baseball world.

"They put a lot of those skeletons to rest," said a champagne-soaked Will Clark, one of several Giants legends who celebrated with the freshly minted champs.

Lincecum, the new face of the Giants in the post-Barry Bonds era, dominated the Rangers with eight innings of one-run ball, beating Lee for the second time in the series. Lee allowed three runs on six hits in seven innings, all three scoring on Renteria's unlikely home run.  "Unlikely home run" ... wtf?  Hey ... Linecum ... it's 2010 ... get a haircut you long hair hippie freak ... erm, I mean ... AWESOME JOB, DUDE!

"It's been a team effort," Lincecum said. "Everybody has been a hero on a different day. What a great (bleeping) team."  LMAO -- gotta love this guy.  He won the Cy Young award two years in a row (2008 & 2009.) More here:

Yes, I recall just a couple of weeks ago when a genius writer for the Washington Post named Dave Sheinin was denigrating the Giants ... saying how "improbable" it was that they would make it to the World Series.  Will there be an apology?  Well, he's a jourrrrnalist so draw your own conclusions.

Meanwhile, here's a couple of my childhood heroes (Willie Mays, Centerfield and Willie McCovey, First Base.)  I even owned this baseball card at one time.


I actually got to meet them both one time when they came to play in a golf tournament at a course in Berkeley where I worked.  They rode in the same cart.  I snagged the privilege of loading their bags and actually and got to chat with them for a few minutes before they teed off.  Both were just humble/great guys.  Willie Mays had "The Say Hey Kid" embroidered on the pocket of his baby blue  La Mode slacks.

Ok. it was a great night.  Can we hope for two in a row?  Let us pray ... "Lord, as long as you're performing unreal miracles, could you see your way clear to helping the  conservatives to a smoking election victory in both houses of congress tonight?"  In Jesus' name we pray, AMEN!!!

I'll be watching the early election results at Weezer's house.  There will be a fire/beers in the back yard and the television facing out into the yard from a window in the house.  It'll be sweet.

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