Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Taste of the "Town"


It’s a large beach house looking building a few blocks from the ocean. We decided to dine al fresco on the front porch. The complimentary peanuts were pretty unappetizing, and we were afforded a lovely view of the True Value super-hardware store across the street. We never ventured inside – it looked dark.

Our server quite possibly was hard of hearing. Several times she’d ask if we needed anything, and then turn and leave, ignoring our requests.

The burger was horribly overcooked, dry and charred. It was served with so much lettuce as to be funny. The fries were actually pretty good, thick and cooked properly. The ketchup situation was a big problem – the Klown requires a lot – and bringing it to the table in one ounce paper ramekins was inadequate to say the least. I guess they don’t believe in “bottles” of the red stuff. F. Utter failure.

I had “the” crab cake sandwich. Honestly, I’ve eaten very many - I love a good crab cake, I really do. This one was probably the worst I’ve ever tried to eat. Overcooked, dry, all filler, no discernable crab meat, with no flavor at all. I ate about half of it. The hushpuppies were excellent, though, even without honey butter. Tartar / remoulade sauce was also flavor-free.

Forgettable, and very expensive. I had 2 bottled beers, EK had an iced tea, and the tab was $28 + tip. I shall not return.

Who chose this place to begin with??


Evil_Klown said...

I asked her for a bottle of ketchup instead of the ramekin. Then she brought another ramekin.

Who chose/thought of it? We went there because we met the manager somewhere and the quest came up. She told us to come there and promised the best cheeseburger ever. Of course, she wasn't there when we went.

Way too expensive for what we got. "Nay" on the going back.

WOMBAT said...

How come nobody commented on how white those tomatoes are? TOMATOES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE RED!

Tomatoes are a real pet peeve of mine. It's gotten so bad that the only time I eat tomatoes anymore is when they're local or homegrown.

Interestingly though, there's one place in manhattan that consistently has ripe, red, flavorful tomatoes- Baby Bo's on 2nd & 35th. We used to order from their place regularly when we lived down in that neighborhood and I miss their food sorely.

What's so puzzling about their tomatoes though is that they're a tiny place. They have a 20 foot bar and seating for about 20 people tops. Maybe that's the answer- they can afford to hand pick their tomatoes.

Whatever their trick is, they're not sharing it because every other place in manhattan has pink or white tomatoes. It's as if they just don't care.

Evil_Klown said...

Well, the rest of the experience sucked so why should the tomatoes be any different.

A is A said...

Amen to Wombat on the tomato semi-rant. When I was but a child, they were sweet and juicy and RED. My Mum shopped at farmers' markets for our produce - so I was spoilt. Grocery store tomatoes suck. When we buy 'em now - it's from locally grown farmers (I think - LOL). But they are WAY better than Kroger.

Pan Zagloba said...

Wombat crabcake search yields this blog, fishing from a stagnant sea.

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