Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stupid libtard trying to go easy on murderers

WASHINGTON — Justice Elena Kagan cast her first vote on the Supreme Court late Tuesday, joining the liberals in dissent when the high court cleared the way for the execution of an Arizona murderer.

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Right.  Another 5-4 vote where the liberals on the court tried to let a murderer get away with it.  I don't get it with the libs.  They're against the death penalty for violent rapists, robbers, and murderers ... why?

You have to wonder.  There are nine "justices."  And it seems like every vote is 5-4.  Are these issues really THAT hard?  Is it THAT difficult to tell right from wrong?  Do the same justices disagree on EVERY issue?  Is justice REALLY being done?  I submit to you that it isn't.


A is A said...

She's a MAN, baby !!!!

scot said...

If we could just explain to libidiots that the death penalty is nothing more than retroactive abortion, they'd be all for it. Hell, they'd be building drive-thru execution chambers.

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