Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Giants, my poor, poor Giants

Bold is mine:

The San Francisco Giants are a Major League Baseball (MLB) team based in San Francisco, California, which currently plays in the National League West Division. One of the older baseball teams, the Giants have won the most games of any team in the history of American baseball. (I didn't know that.)

The Giants have not won a World Championship since 1954, and have never done so in San Francisco, for the third-longest championship drought among MLB teams behind those of the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians (who were defeated by the Giants in the 1954 Series).  This is brutal.  I recall growing up in the bay area and being a huge fan of the Giants ... but they never really won anything.  I stopped watching most pro sports long ago but I still watch the Giants or the 49r's if they make the playoffs.

The Giants have won only three pennants in San Francisco. (Since 1958)

TODAY: The Giants are the 2010 champions of the National League West and are currently in the playoffs for the first time in seven years. In the first round of playoffs they defeated the Atlanta Braves to reach the National League Championship Series where they face the Philadelphia Phillies.

As far as World Series go:

1962: Lost Game 7 to the New York Yankees.  It ended dramatically when a potential game-winning hit by Willie McCovey was caught.

1989: Lost to the Oakland A's - 4 games to 0 ... SWEPT!  How embarrassking.  (Loma Prieta Earthquake interrupted game 3.  This was when the Bay Bridge caved in a bit.)

2002: Giants led the Anaheim Angels 3 games to 2 and then lost 2 in a row - WOO HOO!

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Many years ago, for reasons I will not go into here today, I started sending a rubber chicken to the Atlanta Braves when they made it into the World Series (didn't matter who they were playing.)  I told them in an enclosed letter to beat themselves about the heads & shoulders with it until they learned how to treat their fans.  I did this to put sort of a hex on them.  It worked the first year but not the next time ... so I stopped sending the chickens.  They never did write me back even though I enclosed my name and address etc.

This year I really wanted to send another chicken to the Braves because they were in the playoffs for the division title against the Giants.  I rethought the idea because ... last time I sent them a chicken, they won.  Anyway, I forgot about the chicken and, lo, the Giants beat the Jackass Braves.  Sweet.

OK -- NOW -- GO GIANTS!!!!

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