Saturday, October 30, 2010

The media's excited -- big leftist party on the national mall

Hey ... I'm pretty sure someone photo-shopped this to make Code Pink look even worse than it is.  What a dirty trick.  Oh well, you'll get the idea.

Journalists are practically giddy in anticipation of this weekend's Jon Stewart rally on the National Mall. The Rally's staff has recieved more than 1,000 requests for press credentials for the event. Only 400 were given out.Those statistics underscore just how much the media loves Stewart's leftist message (and it is a leftist message).

For some perspective, consider that the September 12, 2010 Tea Party on the Mall received roughly 150 requests for press credentials, according to FreedomWorks, which sponsored the event.

Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally granted 450 such credentials to journalists, but in the brief contact NewsBusters had with Beck's staff there was no indication that any reporter who had requested credentials had been turned down.

More at Newsbusters:

Right, there is no bias in the media, they report fairly and objectively on all things ... baaaaa, bleat.

By the way, do you think Code Pink will be there?   I'll give you the answer ... yes, they'll be there.  Code Pink is a communist group of total idiots.  If the media interviewed them they'd come off as total idiots.

Now, let me as you this ... Do you think the media will associate Code Pink with Jon Stewart/Democrats?  Do you think the media will even allow a Code Pink protester to be shown?  Answer: No.

When the idiots show up at conservative rallies does the media try to associate the Republicans with the idiots?  Answer: Yes.  Do they show the idiot's signs at every opportunity?  Answer: Yes.

Do the idiot leftists/Democrats think the media is fair and objective?  I'll answer by quoting a standard leftist commenter at the J-Walk blog.  Please keep in mind this lady is completely serious ... she actually believes this so don't laugh in her face ... it would be cruel.
What I meant was that his (Stewart's) comedy is neither left nor right. He gets his digs in on both sides. It is just that the right presents far more parody opportunities than the left. At this time. All that rich material cannot be ignored.
The thing is, she's mostly right. He does get his digs in on left and right ... it's just that it leans ... is mostly ... is 90% right ... you know ... due to the righties being so stupid. 

Here's a little taste of how the  lamestream media will "portray" the commie get-together.
Good Morning America's Claire Shipman on Friday used no liberal labels in a friendly piece to promote Jon Stewart's rally in Washington, Saturday. Yet, on August 28, she warned viewers about the "right-wing" Glenn Beck and his protest in the nation's capital. More here:

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