Saturday, October 16, 2010

Keith Richards makes a few calls in his book

No, I'm not a demon from the depths of hell, here to claim your soul ... I'm Keith Richards. 
Yeah, well you had me fooled with those bony fingers you spooky mf'r.

LONDON (Reuters) – Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards says in his new autobiography that Mick Jagger became unbearable over the years and reveals he also calls the imperious lead singer "Your Majesty" and "Brenda." LMAO @ calling him Brenda.

He added about Jagger: "We've had our beefs but, hey, who doesn't? You try and keep something together for 50 years," adding the band was considering going on tour again.

"I think it's going to happen. I've had a chat with ... Her Majesty. Brenda."

Richards also throws in a few choice remarks on the Beatles' Lennon: "Johnny. A silly sod, in many ways," he writes.

"I don't think John ever left my house, except horizontally."

He describes finding Lennon lying by the toilet, mumbling: "Don't move me - these tiles are beautiful." Idiot lib.

Richards himself is famous for his insatiable appetite for drugs, although he gave up heroin in 1978 after a fifth drug bust and stopped using cocaine after a 2006 fall in Fiji forced him to undergo brain surgery.

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ragweed said...

Wow dude, great halloween costume

Evil_Klown said...

I guess someone is holding an umbrella over his head there but the context makes me think a cop is about to knock a hippie in the melon with a nightstick.

A is A said...

Best Keith Richards story EVER - he was given his father's cremated remains - and he mixed some of the "ashes" with a bit of cocaine and snorted it.
He denied it for a while - but then he got it off his chest.
Crazy rock 'n rollers...

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