Sunday, October 24, 2010

I can't believe it

Bold is mine:

By Dave Sheinin
Washington Post Staff Writer

It was Game 6 of the National League Championship Series, a game the Philadelphia Phillies were built to win, but one the San Francisco Giants were resolved not to lose. And now, it was beginning to come together for the visitors, the stadium filling with nervous silence - a cheap, tiebreaking homer to right, a fluky double-play to end the eighth. Yeah, because this kind of thing NEVER happens in the regular season, right Dave?

And then, all of a sudden - strike three! - it was over, the Giants converging elatedly around their black-bearded closer, Brian Wilson, near the mound. The final out of a taut, 3-2 victory was secured - a borderline-call strikeout of Phillies slugger Ryan Howard - and the Giants, improbably, were headed to the World Series.  Improbably, Dave?  For what it's worth, you're probably right but, then again, I'd probably be right if I called you an asshat ... but I wouldn't do that, Dave ... you know why? Because it's not necessary, Dave.  It's not necessary to give my lame-assed opinion in a fact based story ... it comes of as sour grapes, Dave ... capsice?  I doubt it.

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I tuned in about the bottom of the first inning (I think) and the Phillies were hitting at will. It just seemed ridiculous to me. I had watched about 8-10 pitches and thought, "they gotta get this guy off the mound." After a few minutes, I couldn't watch anymore. I figured it would be a 20-nothing blowout or something so I tuned out.  Sometimes it seems like they're going to get creamed just because I'm watching.

I tune back for a few minutes a little while later, just in time to see the bench-clearing fiasco and couldn't stand to watch any longer. When I woke up and checked the news I couldn't believe my eyes. THE GIANTS ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES!!!

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A is A said...

I stayed up and watched the WHOLE game (Midnight-ish finish) - and I am NOT a baseball fan, but it was compelling TV for some reason, IMHO. Especially since "conventional wisdom" (which is almost never either) had the Yankees v. the Phillies in the World Series. Congrats to the Klown, for having something to read about in the morning papers next week - 'cause there ain't no way he's staying up to see a game (unless the Fab Two are playing in the background).

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