Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fat Tony's menu sets off Klown's lib detector

OK, so a few days ago, Ragweed posted a short review of Fat Tony's Italian Pub in which he recommended the pizza.  I hardly ever make it up to Wilmington (over an hour away) so I didn't start making any plans that day.  However, it has come to my attention that "Americans For Prosperity" is having an event in Leland (about 10 minutes from Wilmington) this Saturday at 9:30AM.  I'm thinking this will be a "Tea Party" type of event but they call theirs "November Is Coming."

So I thought to myself, "Hmmmmmm, if this works out it could be a chance to try out Fat Tony's Italian Pub. "  Naturally, I jumps into cyberspace action to start to begin to commence to checking 'er out.  Well, I finds out they have pizza on the menu but only "Specialty Pizzas."  I'm assuming you can specify the ingredients but I didn't see that on the menu ... granted, I didn't look that hard, I'm not that interested.  Anyway, I'm clicking around there and I finds out they open at 11AM so that lunch could fit in just fine after the Americans For Prosperity event.

OK, so now I'm clicking around some more when I spot this jewel for the conservative eyeball.

Cigar, pipe and clove cigarette smoking is allowed on our patios -- but not indoors.  Thank you.
Ha ha, and it appears just like that ... with those specific words bolded.  I mean, please ... "clove cigarettes" but not regular cigarettes?  Cigars & pipes but not regular cigarettes?  Or is this just a screwup by the person who designed the menu?  If so, why did they find it necessary to include clove cigarettes and exclude regular cigarettes?  I mean, c'mon, the Klown hates those shitstain smokers as much as the next guy but I'm smelling a big fat greasy lib close by.  

Clove cigarettes ... who smokes those except for dipshit libs with weird haircuts and black lipstick?  Who even considers them a factor except for dipshit libs?  How much of a screaming lib do you have to be before it occurs to you to mention clove cigarettes on a menu?  Let me tell you something, I've never seen this type of idiocy before ... and I've read at least a billion menus in San Francisco ... so that ought to tell you something.

Ok, well, I must be getting soft in my old age or something because I'm not going to let this (by itself) deter me from trying out Fat Tony's.  However ... those of you who know the Klown will NOT be surprised when the subject is broached with the waiter.  I'll start off very nice about it but, if my Klowny senses are right, I'll soon be speaking with a manager and having some fun. Since it's an Italian joint, I may get to use my favorite word, capisce?

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ragweed said...

If you go check out the commie stores in town.

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