Saturday, October 23, 2010


Something occurred to me while reading this article at the Daily Mail (mentioned by Rush Limbaugh). It seems that a cafe owner was forced to shut down an extractor fan because the smell of bacon was offending local Muslims. This story made me realize something interesting.

I have noticed that recently, there has been a surge in the popularity of bacon. I'm not talking about people agreeing it's delicious, I'm talking about it attaining cult status. It occurred to me while reading the article mentioned above that bacon's new popularity might be due- at least in part- for an invasive feeling of animosity toward Muslims.

Let's face it- it's politically incorrect to overtly despise Muslims yet when there seem to be so many of them overtly trying to kill us, it's hard not to feel at least a little disdain for them (or at least for their actions). Add the idea of their trying to impose Sharia law in places where they're newcomers and it only makes matters worse.

Somehow, the Liberals have convinced us that it's unamerican to be proud to be American. I don't fall for it and it's clear that I have brothers and sisters out there who feel the same.

What better way then is there to quietly protest being oppressed and overrun and to show true American pride than to love something they hate? I present to you bacon paraphernalia:
Bacon Scarf
Bacon Underpants

Bacon Pants

Bacon Tattoo
Bacon Floss
Bacon Belt
Bacon Soap
Limited, Locally Test-Released Bacon Flavored Diet Coke
Bacon Wallet
Squeez Bacon
Assorted Bacon Products
Bacon Periodic Table T-Shirt
Bacon Flavored Gumballs
Bacon Underpants
Bacon Shawl
Bacon Bandages
Bacon Skateboard
Bacon Air Freshener


Evil_Klown said...

I don't hate Muslims - but I sure hate jackasses. Someone who moves into a neighborhood and then demands the neighborhood change to meet their demands is a jackass ... ESPECIALLY if they're trying to ban a perfectly good bacon source.

ragweed said...

What about bacon douch

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