Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another mystery solved with idiotic reasoning.

(Newser) – Despite earning $2 million a year from Vanity Fair, celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz is in dire financial straits—how can this be? John Gapper explains in the Financial Times: No one is collecting her work.

Despite shooting such iconic pictures as a naked and pregnant Demi Moore, or the also-naked John Lennon with Yoko Ono, Leibovitz’s work simply hasn’t gained a following among people with expensive tastes. Some don’t admire her style; some cite a lack of focus; others say she hasn’t played “by the art market rules.”

High-profile fashion and society photographers sold some of their works for as much as $3 million, but at auctions this year, most of Leibovitz’s prints have sold for single-figure thousands, or even just hundreds, of dollars.

One expert explains that in order to find success, artists must work closely with auction houses and galleries—and Leibovitz hasn’t. “She suffered from not caring about it, not paying enough attention,” says one gallery owner; another adds, “We dropped her because it would take six months just to get a print signed.” Click here for more on how she got underwater.

Really? It's that nobody is collecting her work? That's the explanation? REALLY? So what you're saying here is that it's completely understandable that it's someone else's fault (okay- everyone else's fault) that you're broke even though you're earning $2mm a year.

What they're attempting to tell us here is that the only answer to having more discretionary income is to make more money and NOT to spend less of what you already earn. I'm not being naive here, I get it that $2mm doesn't buy what it used to buy but that doesn't explain going broke on $2mm a year. The only thing that explains that is overspending. Allow me to gleefully misinterpret Occam's Razor by saying, "All things being equal, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one."

Not that this commentary is needed but she's clearly a Lib. Here's a short list of the reasons.
1. She's got long, unstyled, gray hair.
2. She's an artist.
3. She can't manage a substantial income without going broke.
4. She would rather go broke than "sell out to the man".

Well, at least she still has her self-respect dignity integrity instamatic.

From Newser with the headline "The Real Reason Annie Lebovitz is Broke".


Evil_Klown said...

She's a piece of shit that doesn't hesitate to misrepresent things if it suits her political purpose. I hope she gets hit by a bus ... a bus with a big sledgehammer and chainsaw swinging from the front.

Anonymous said...

I agree except #4. Look at any Ayn Rand theme.

~ Uncle

WOMBAT said...

So Ayn Rand is a Lib?

A is A said...

I think it's a misguided "Atlas Shrugged" reference.

Anonymous said...

no no no. Libo-fits is a Lib, the "She would rather go broke than sell out to the man" is not a lib thing. By "the man" I read it as a governing body that stipulates what can and can not be done.

Trust me, I'm on the same page but perhaps not articulating it right.

~ Uncle

WOMBAT said...

What about "The Fountainhead"?

A is A said...

"Atlas Shrugged" - the thinkers and the "doers" leave society, presumably to society's demise and the Galts' happiness.

"The Fountainhead" - a conflicted architect (there's an oxymoron) fights mostly with a liberal press, but eventually succeeds.

I truly love Rand's writings and beliefs but she was a BIT verbose- LOL. No - seriously - she could over-write "thank you". Nonetheless - she made me a conservative, and for that I am grateful.

Evil_Klown said...

I see the problem here. Anonymous is viewing "the man" as the government while libs usually view "the man" as rich white businessmen.

Conservatives don't want to sell out to the government and libs don't want to sell out to rich white businessmen.

Meanwhile, if you view "working for someone" as selling out then I guess everyone "sells out." I wish I could "sell out" more.

BTW - it's reasoning like this that causes me to completely disregard the libtards.

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