Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another genius Republican

Really? And tell me, when did you "decide" to be straight (if you are.) Let me guess, you were sitting there in junior high thinking, "Well, it's time to decide whether I'll be gay or straight" - right?

And, even if it WERE a "choice," what gives you the right to limit the rights and freedoms of other people based on their "choice" in that matter? If you claim to be a conservative and you don't stand up for the freedom of ALL people then I have no use for you.  We've simply got to purge the Republican party of these morons.


wamk said...

Buck certainly stepped in it with this exchange, I'll agree with you there. As a Colorado resident, I can assure you Buck is far from being a Rpublican, he's a Tea Partier. He defeated the well-known, and heavily favored (and funded) Republican in the primary, and has been working incumbent Michael Bennet over pretty well.

This exchange notwithstanding, he's a much better choice than others out there.. Look into what he stands for, and I'm sure you'll find he sides with you on just about everything.

Evil_Klown said...

I have no doubt whatsoever he's the best choice available. I just get pissed when people don't get the obvious concept being gay isn't a choice. Who would make a "choice" to be ridiculed and humiliated all the way through high school and beyond (until people grow up.) Nowadays people are teaching their children to know better but, in the old days, it must have been HORRIBLE. Anyway, it's obvious people are born gay. How can this otherwise "smart" man think differently at his age? I'm guessing it's because he hasn't taken the time to sit and think about it.

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