Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Levin on the Tea Party (Modern and History)

Mark Levin gives his view on the Tea Party movement and how it relates to history.

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WOMBAT said...

Everyone should read this...

"The standard version of the story is partly true. It was certainly correct that rising taxes were generating tension between the colonies and the British, particularly the taxes issued by the Stamp Act and Townshend Acts (which did, to be fair, include a tax on tea imports). But it wasn’t the taxes themselves that irked the American colonists so much as being taxed without representation. Furthermore, the real catalysis for the Tea Party– the proverbial last straw– was the Tea Act of 1773, which wasn’t a tax increase at all. Rather, it was a monumental tax cut. In fact, it was a monumental corporate tax cut."


The author tells the truth but twists the lesson and blames the "neo-conservatives" for misunderstanding the facts. Of course, he only states the facts and never explains them as Mark Levin did. This is par for the course, of course.

Cherry picking facts seems to be a standard practice for political extremists and the link I included is a classic example. I guess he never figured anyone would check out his story.

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