Sunday, August 8, 2010

What's this "Tea Party" that's so hated by the media?

The "Second Revolution" flag, first passed out during Scott Brown's Senate victory, is often used by Tea Party advocates.

Hmmm "Second Revolution Flag" -- I like the sounds of that.

Here are the main things with which the Tea Party people are concerned.   I couldn't find racism in here anywhere.  Perhaps I'm overlooking it - see for yourself.

  1. Identify constitutionality of every new law: Require each bill to identify the specific provision of the Constitution that gives Congress the power to do what the bill does. 
  2. Reject emissions trading: Stop the "cap and trade" administrative approach used to control pollution by providing economic incentives for achieving reductions in the emissions of pollutants.
  3. Demand a balanced federal budget: Begin the Constitutional amendment process to require a balanced budget with a two-thirds majority needed for any tax modification.
  4. Simplify the tax system: Adopt a simple and fair single-rate tax system by scrapping the internal revenue code and replacing it with one that is no longer than 4,543 words – the length of the original Constitution.
  5. Audit federal government agencies for constitutionality: Create a Blue Ribbon taskforce that engages in an audit of federal agencies and programs, assessing their Constitutionality, and identifying duplication, waste, ineffectiveness, and agencies and programs better left for the states or local authorities.
  6. Limit annual growth in federal spending: Impose a statutory cap limiting the annual growth in total federal spending to the sum of the inflation rate plus the percentage of population growth.
  7. Repeal the health care legislation passed on March 23, 2010: Defund, repeal and replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
  8. Pass an 'All-of-the-Above' Energy Policy: Authorize the exploration of additional energy reserves to reduce American dependence on foreign energy sources and reduce regulatory barriers to all other forms of energy creation.
  9. Reduce Earmarks: Place a moratorium on all earmarks until the budget is balanced, and then require a 2/3 majority to pass any earmark.
  10. Reduce Taxes: Permanently repeal all recent tax increases, and extend permanently the George W. Bush temporary reductions in income tax, capital gains tax and estate taxes, currently scheduled to end in 2011.
These are not the ONLY things the Tea Party is interested in but it seems to me to be their main focus. (And I agree with all of them.) The only thing I'm not really on board with is the "ear mark" stuff.  I'm afraid I don't know enough about ear marks to comment -- but it sounds good -- I'm just not sure this couldn't have been replaced in the "top ten" items with something more important -- ah, but I'm not going to quibble.  If I were  Republican lawmaker I'd sign on in a heartbeat.

If you're wondering how they came up with these 10 items you can click the "more here" link at the bottom of the post.

The Tea Party Patriots have asked both Democrats and Republicans to sign on to the Contract. No Democrats have signed on, and the contract has met resistance from some Republicans who have since created "Commitment to America."

I have a question.  Why "resist" this platform?  If you want to go further, fine but what's the holdup with signing on to this idea? As far as I'm concerned, if you don't want to sign on then you need to go.  The Tea Party needs to challenge these jackasses in a primary and take them out.

Candidates who have signed the Contract from America include Utah's Mike Lee, Nevada’s Sharron Angle, U.S. Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.). Other Republicans who have signed on include Newt Gingrich and Dick Armey.

It seems that every time I hear the name of Jim DeMint it's because he's doing yet another awesome thing.

More here:

Yes, well, I think it has become obvious that the Republican party has become infested with people who care about being invited to the social events inside the beltway libs and other miscreants, morons, and miscellaneous ne'er-do-wells.  We need to take the party back.

Often you''ll hear "We need to start a third party."  Sure, if you're interested in losing 99% of your elections for the rest of your lifetime then, by all means, start a third party.  If, on the other hand, you're interested in winning, then we need to ensure we elect conservatives in Republican primaries and general elections -- i.e. "Take the Republican party back."  Please ensure you vote for the candidate who has the endorsement of the Tea Party.

Isn't it interesting that the media hates the guts of the Tea Party.  I love it when i hear them call them "Tea Baggers."  What's that?  You don't know what "Tea Bagging" is?  It's just a Google away.  Suffice it to say it's a pejorative term and the jourrrrnalists libs think they're just so funny and cute when they use it.  And WHY do they do it?  So you'll get the idea of course ... so that you'll know that the Tea Party is a joke and is to be ignored by "serious" people.

I have a feeling someone is going to be "teabagged" this November, don't you?  I wonder if they'll still think they're so funny and cute.  I wonder if their little egos will be crushed when they find out you didn't listen to them ... the geniuses.  I sure hope so, don't you?


A is A said...

Every time I hear "Blue Ribbon Panel" or "Blue Ribbon Taskforce" my spidey-sense kicks in. Overall, I really like most of this. The "earmarks" deal could cause all legislation to grind to a screeching halt. Maybe not a bad thing.

Evil_Klown said...

Legislation grind to a halt? We should BE so lucky.

I heard someone say "every day congress meets, you lose a little bit more of your liberty." So, yeah, it would be a great thing having their "legislation" grind to a halt. How many more laws do we need anyway?

If these jackasses had any sense they'd just deal with major issues here and there -- rarely -- and let the states handle the rest.

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