Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tea partiers are racists.

Joyce Jones of Black Enterprise [JJBE], "Why is it so impossible for you to... believe that someone actually did spit on him and call him the N word?"... "Why is his word not good enough?" You know- why can't you people just accept the fact that racism is a real problem and you need me to help you with it???

The speaker responds that there was no evidence and that without evidence, his accusations can't be substantiated.

JJBE: "Well we were there that day".  The speaker immediately asked if she had witnessed it or had seen anything.

I guess she never saw that coming because she immediately back-pedaled by saying, "I wasn't walking with him but there were crowds so it's very easy to assume that this could happen and that not everyone would see it." Right because everyone would have to have seen it meanwhile the truth is that no one saw it. NOBODY. Nobody saw it, nobody filmed it nobody caught it on an audio recording. With all those crowds, not a single person except the man making the convenient accusation saw, heard, or recorded anything. But please, continue.

JJBE: "It's not like there were film crews film cameras filming there all day." That excuse is ridiculous. You don't need an official film crew to have valid evidence of any event occurring.

Virtually every person attending any event like the one described has some type of device for recording video- even if it's just a cell phone with video capability. Furthermore, if they do have such a device, you can pretty much guarantee they leave it running the whole time they're within earshot of any action. Also, the instant they capture anything at all interesting, they'll fire it off to any news network that might show it. Of course, this never happened here but that's probably because in the throngs of spectators, nobody had theirs turned on and recording.

As a side note, they could do without Minnie Pearl behind the podium.

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Evil_Klown said...

Great video. One of the most pointed things I heard was when the lady said "you're not going to eradicate racism in America ..."

She's right ... there will ALWAYS be racists in America and you're just not going to change some people's minds. The rest of us just need to drop it and stop referencing it all the time. We ALL need to start rolling our eyes at the race baiters. The guy at the end pretty much says the same thing.

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