Monday, August 16, 2010

Rand Paul - I think he's going to be elected

HINDMAN — Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul took harsh digs at President Barack Obama while mining for votes in Kentucky coalfields Saturday, saying busybody regulators backed by the president are stifling the coal sector.

Paul vowed to challenge Obama "every step of the way" if elected in November, seeking to capitalize on a political environment where flocks of voters have never warmed to the Democratic president.

The Tea Party-backed Paul never mentioned his Democratic opponent, Jack Conway, in his speech at a coal appreciation event in Knott County, instead reserving his attacks for Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and federal environmental regulators.

Paul claimed Obama "cares nothing about Kentucky and cares even less about Kentucky coal."

That's where you're wrong, Mr Paul.  Obama cares a great deal about coal.  He wants to kill coal.  He wants to kill oil.  He's fighting to ban drilling and he'll do all he can to ban coal mining too.  He has to make sure everyone knows that coal/oil are witches -- dirty, filthy, witches.  THEN he can come for them/you/us with impunity.

"We have a president who is forcing the EPA down our throats," Paul said. "Even without changing the rules, the EPA is stifling the permit process, and people (are) out of work here because of the president and his policies.

"With all due respect, Mr. President, you're wrong, and you need to stay out of Kentucky affairs. And you need to keep the EPA out of our affairs because we need jobs, and we're not going to get jobs with a busybody EPA that's in our way."

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LOL @ Obama and the Democratics ... working as hard as they can to break the back of America.  Hey, shitstains -- we're coming for you in November.  Yes, we know the lame duck congress is going to try to pass a bunch of horsecrap before they leave office ... it would be a bad move but they aren't known for their smarts now are they.

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