Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On the sharpening of knives

So ... many years ago I bought the above knife sharpenerAbout every 3-4 months I pull all my wife's knives out and sharpen them.  She only has about eight or nine and it takes me about an hour to do it all.  And don't even THINK about reading or something whilst sharpening because a) the thing is LOUD and b) you have to watch WTF you're doing ... cuz it's a snake handling with holding the knife at the correct angle and remember how many times you've pulled the knife through and so forth.  Seriously, there's three different "stages" (two sides to each stage) and you have to pull the knife slowly through each stage about 6-10 times and then repeat on the other side... it's LAME ACTION.

I thought I was so cool for buying this because nothing is cooler than a sharp knife ... capisky? Yes, I thought you did.  Well, it never got the knives very sharp if you ask me ... acceptable but not really REALLY sharp.  I accepted my doom but bitched about it now and then.

About a year ago two of my friends recommended the type below.

It has two stages - course and fine. The course side looks like steel blades and the fine side looks like white ceramic rods. On this one, you only have to pull the knife through each side about 3-4 times ... and it's silent (except for the scraping of the blade) and you don't have to do it for each side ... and I bought it at Wal Mart for under $10 curp ... and IT WORKS GREAT!!  I did all the knives last night in under ten minutes.  WOO HOO!  I can't TELL you how happy I am about this "discovery."

It was a complete accident.  I was at Wal Mart buying something else and I saw these hanging there ... and the recommendations of my friends came back to me so I decided to try it -- GOOD MOVE!!  Our knives are sharper than they've EVER been.

I never really knew they weren't getting that sharp.  I'd do them and my wife would be happy for a while and that was it ... but the last year or so I've been chopping a lot of vegetables for salads so I was painfully aware of the sucky condition of the knives.  I sharpened them a few times on the "bad boy electric sharpener" but I never really thought they were all that sharp.

Last night, after sharpening one, I tried it on a tomato ... NOTICEABLE DIFFERENCE ... I was impressed.   I guess the $60 sharpener is trash now. Thought you'd like to know.


A is A said...

You might want to research "sharpening" versus "honing". I'm sticking with my loud machine - it sharpens.

Anonymous said...

I told you how great that contraption is about two years ago so congrats on your "accidental" discovery.

- WOMBAT from my iPhone.

Evil_Klown said...

I should look up sharpening vs honing? Here's the call -- the knives cut MUCH better than ever.

You should look up "butter vs butta."

A is A said...

Short term solution for lazy peeps. Although I've heard of these "ceramic rods".
But then again - the Klown likes turkey "hotdogs".

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