Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My new bumper sticker

Ok, here's the call ... I signed up to get this free bumper sticker.

I have several reasons I think this is fun ... here are a few.

1 - I want jourrrrrnalists (and other idiot libs) to see it and read it as "In your face, jackass."

2 - I went a long time thinking there was something wrong with the media but I couldn't put my finger on it.  Had I seen one of these stickers I think it would have helped me see the pattern of liberalism much sooner.

3 - Most of the old "news media" is going broke faster than a redneck in a strip club but they continue to aggressively push a socialist agenda, and it's affecting my happiness.

Organization like the MRC (Media Research Center) are exposing and neutralizing the liberal media, but too many Americans are being deceived and misled. Take a stand right now by clicking the link to get your free bumper sticker and help spread this message across the nation.

Click here to request your bumper sticker:

They'll send you a reply email thanking you etc -- and they have a feature where you can forward that email to your friends and you can see how many of them sign up -- and how many forwarded your mail -- and how many of their friends signed up -- etc etc etc.

Of course, I didn't get this email because I unchecked the boxes that said "send me email now and then" etc.

However, after I signed up, another page popped up that said "you missed our link email so you won't be able to track your sign ups unless you click here."  So I clicked there and got my link email anyway (still without signing up for more emails.)


WOMBAT said...

I'm not a fan of bumper stickers. Around here, the only people who use them are junkyard dog Democrats. Just like a junkyard dog, they'll bark at anyone who'll listen. They plaster the backs of their Subarus with so many "causes" that it's impossible to think that any of them are important at all.

Personally, I'm perfectly happy with a simple American flag on my back window. It needs no slogan. It needs no explanation. I'd just as soon leave the bumper bitching to someone else.

Evil_Klown said...

Yes, only low-class peeps have bumper stickers.

A is A said...

Well - I've never seen a Ferrari with a bumper sticker...

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