Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Liberals and Canadians wouldn't understand.

Imagine this scenario- there's an agitated man with a knife being confronted by police. The smart money says, "drop the knife and surrender". Liberals and Canadians would say, "He was scared. He didn't trust the police. He felt threatened and was only trying to protect himself."

The sad truth is that the vocal minority has hobbled law enforcement. They are so overly interested in the protection of the freedom and rights of the individual that society as a whole is exposed to unnecessary risk. Gone are the days when a criminal would be treated like a criminal. Today, law abiding people are the criminals and anyone protecting themselves or their property are looked at with suspicion.

In the following video, the brow beaten police have convinced themselves that the last thing they should ever do is shoot this man who is brandishing a knife and disregarding orders to drop the knife. They could not accept the fact that the man was not going to cooperate. They found themselves unable to subdue him since they had been brainwashed into believing that lethal force was not acceptable ever instead of it being a last resort.

Just like the national defense policies of the Obama administration, these police officers waited until the man proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that he was violent before they acted appropriately. Of course as any good Conservative knows, that's too late. Rather than following policy, these officers should have used their minds. They should have used the lost art of good judgment and subdued the threat.

The next time you hear about the bleeding hearts whining that a man was gunned down by police when "all he had was a knife", think about this video. Also, if you're a police officer, keep in mind that even if your handgun only has an accurate range of 50 yards, it's still got a 49 yard advantage over a knife so keep a safe distance.


A is A said...

"Their sacrifice was worth it"?!?!? Uh - I think not. This guy should have been taken down the second time he said "No" to "Drop your knife".

Evil_Klown said...

Well, what happens is, when they DO shoot someone, they have to go to court for the next five years and manage all their depositions and try to keep their stories straight etc etc - and try to stay out of jail. The local community doesn't back them up. Actually, the community is lucky they try to stop the guy at all.

But I think that's the next step - I think cops have pretty much stopped protecting us and just work on handing out tickets to regular citizens (especially DUI's) and collecting their overtime ... and I don't much blame them either.

We citizens have only ourselves to blame. Keep voting for idiot libs.

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